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Expert on corporate culture and digital change 


Companies have a much greater human potential than that which you find in their financial statements. Not to exploit this is not only a waste, but can even pose an existential threat in the digital present and future.  Pressure to perform or controlling are no longer enough.  Leaders and emotionally touching corporate cultures that inspire and intrinsically motivate their employees are now in demand.  And what is needed is employees who discover their desire to think for themselves and to enjoy working together, who get involved and develop ideas for the benefit of the customer. The goal must be to be flexible, active, adaptable and proactive in times of change and uncertainty. Knowledge, skills, motivation and performance need to be used effectively and efficiently in order to make fast and competent decisions in terms of common goals and the customer. This leads to a new form of leadership and cooperation.

With my work, I want to contribute to a value-creating corporate culture in which people are willing, working together with others, to contribute their full potential voluntarily to the achievement of the company’s goals in order to meet the ever-growing expectations of the customer in the digital world.


  • One of Germany’s leading experts on corporate culture („Manager Magazin“) 

  • 24 years of strategic and operational responsibility for corporate culture in an international corporation

  • Many years of expertise in the successful transformation of corporate culture in the digital world

  • Keynote speaker at conferences such as 99u local, Solutions, Kulturkreis der deutschenWirtschaft, and many more  

  • Presentations and consulting projects for many top companies

  • Numerous awards for creative solutions for shaping corporate culture

Link to website: www.jü

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