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Every human being has her/his own unique personality, skills, passion and dreams. The realisation of those dreams & passions often releases untold energy and ultimately leads to happiness. While it is often difficult to reach this stadium in a job situation it is nevertheless achievable when personality, skills, passion and dreams of the individual are synchronised and in act in harmony with the aims and culture of the employer.

My goal is to achieve this “Success-Triangle” for each of my clients through finding the right employment situation and by strengthening their personality and will-power to achieve a stadium of happiness. This is the basis for a creation of a positive pyramid and feedback loop which benefits both employer and employee.

I believe in a holistic approach to each individual based on their dreams and passions. It is my mantra to deliver each of my clients an honest and independent foundation for informed career and life decisions which facilitate success and happiness in a professional as well as personal capacity. Personal and professional success and happiness automatically follow when the individual harmonises with her/himself and the respective environment.

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