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We Find People, not Resumés!

For corporations to undergo transformation today it takes a courageous combination of proven strength, as well as refreshing and unconventional thinking. The more complex and challenging the times, the more leadership needs to shift its focus to people. We find the profiles for future success - with proven track record as well as  lots of potential for more.

Our services for EXECUTIVE SEARCH range from setting the course for the pre-selection of suitable candidates by defining the right profiles to applying psychological diagnostic tools for the final selection and finally ensuring an overall win-win onboarding process with the chosen candidate. We have already found some true “gems”.

A perfect match is not always a perfect fit. Bring a fresh breeze to your team!

executive search


How about Certainty instead of Gut Feeling?

Reliable analysis avoids frustration and saves time by taking the necessary steps in advance to prevent large-scale damage. Leadership qualities and development potential are measurable quality factors in our approach – rather than standard requirement phrases.

Whether evaluating leadership teams, selecting executives or general employee development, we apply precision-fit analytical tools to assess personality, performance, and potential. Moreover, we use our own tools developed based on years of experience, and well-known assessments, such as HOGAN, Profiling Values, and Gallup, among others.

Our credo: no more flying blind!

Management Diagnostics


Welcome Aboard! Ready for Take-off?

There is a remedy for the rapid loss of hard-won new talent. We offer customised, AGILE ON-BOARDING as the smart win-win step during the decisive first months.

We are a team of experienced senior executives and business coaches, seasoned by years of practical experience that enables the merging of corporate culture and leader personality. In this sense, we bank on a structured integration process, setting relevant milestones, and our function as sparring and coaching partners. A well timed embrace to ensure a sustainable common development for the future.


In the end, none of us wants to start from square one again!

agiles onboarding

A new relationship?

Just one click away!

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