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Performance Requires Empathy.

Corporate future viability is increasingly measured on the basis of leaders’ capacity for empathy and self-reflection. People and their underlying needs are at the centre of a healthy corporate culture. Assets such as the ability to motivate, to communicate effectively and to be a role model are crucial today for enabling learning and shaping a successful future. The role of leadership comprises professional expertise  and sustainable relationship building. Creating a foundation of trust makes all the difference. “Love your teams!” is the motto, once it becomes a matter of heart.

At connect & develop, we believe LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT implies creating spaces for self-reflection and co-creative growth that allow executives to explore values, leadership mindsets and means of implementation in a challenging learning environment. We are dedicated to touching people at their core, either one-to- one or in a group, and to support them in their growth.

Filling self-reflection with purpose is what we are all about.

Leadership development


individual coaching

Just. For. You!

People are intrinsically motivated to engage when trust is present. Individuals become role models when they are able to self-reflect and continually develop their learning. This way, they set the stage for teams and employees to embrace change, accept personal accountability and thrive.

What differentiates us from other coaches? Our team of psychologists, communication experts, agile coaches, personal development experts, systemic coaches, therapists, and recruitment consultants have years of leadership experience. We offer a broad range of interventions, which are customised to meet client needs. Our attitude is characterised by a deep sense of joie de vivre as we love to support people in developing the best version of themselves.

By the way: Aside from executives in leadership positions, people who are not directly involved in leadership responsibilities also benefit from connect & develop’s self-leadership and development coaching. We call that personal development.

To make it easier for young people to access coaching, we have developed a special offer with in-waerts. If you want to learn more about it, find out here.

Trust yourself and others will trust you too!


Teaming by heart and not by book!

A thriving team is a company’s greatest asset. For many, it is precisely where they find their emotional home – possibly even their most important one. A sense of belonging to “my” team, paired with self-efficacy and acknowledgement are sources of wellbeing, the prerequisite for sustainable productivity and long-term success.

As systemic coaches for TEAM DEVELOPMENT we consider each individual within their context of various systems. We are attuned to the signs that distinguish well developed teams, such as having a common purpose, trust, and appreciation for each other. We foster new thinking, the courage to make mistakes, and an honest assessment of one’s own limitations and shortcomings. Connect & develop workshops revolve around roles and related tasks, stages of development, dealing with competencies, needs and values, communication, conflict, processes, and synergies including team collaboration. Briefly stated, team development is about understanding oneself and others, as well as interacting successfully as a team.

Briefly? Sure: Moving from I to We!

team development


The best of both worlds!

There are many examples of companies that perform better in every respect in which women hold leadership positions, and that better decisions are made by teams where inclusivity is the norm. In fact, there are too few women in leadership positions. All too often due to a lack of a modern work environment and a family-friendly work-life culture, as well as a corporate culture that “rewards” both female and male behaviours.

Our mission, DEVELOPING FEMALE LEADERSHIP, supports our clients on their discovery journey toward their authentic leadership style based on a foundation of self-confidence and joy. Topics we cover include developing a strengths-based leadership vision, discovering self-directed purpose, changing limiting belief patterns and behavioural roadblocks, managing energy effectively, finding one’s unique style and voice, as well as cultivating and using networks – all to become the role model you want to be!

Change always starts from within! Get going now!

We at connect & develop have now also developed a format for equal opportunities in leadership. Because we see the greatest leverage in the interaction between women and men.

female leadership


How to Dance the Virtual Tango!

Working virtually has become an integral part of New Work. The advantages of remote digital team leadership are compelling and current. Virtual leadership requires far more than digital savviness on a pixel platform. How, for instance, do feelings of belonging by individual team-members endure over time and distance?

Connect & develop WORKSHOPS for REMOTE LEADERSHIP prepare executives for the Future of Work. Confident leaders go well beyond mastering the basics of relationship building in virtual spaces. Information management, performance checks, delegating, motivating, remote interpersonal and conflict management are only a few of the challenges brought about by the digital age.

Above all, virtual leadership involves relationship building. It’s an ambitious dance on a playing field with its own rules. Let’s dance!

hybrid leadership


Consistent Performance despite Constant Stress! It is Possible!

Remaining resilient throughout any imaginable turbulence, challenges, or stressors – who wouldn’t opt for that? Sustaining productive interaction with employees, requires leaders to show confidence, composure, and most of all an awareness of their strengths and limitations. Resilience acquired through training builds this competence. The good news is that resilience can be trained, just like a muscle.

Our RESILIENCE DEVELOPMENT coaching programmes cover all aspects, including physical, cognitive, and psychological elements. This balance contributes to an in-depth understanding of WORK WELL, and creates the basis for essential inner stability, and the ability to “lead in a healthy way”. In our trainings, we focus on both individual and organisational resilience.

Confident. Composed. Dynamic. Our qualified resilience trainers will ensure you are well-equipped – whether it’s for an impending earthquake or storming the next summit!


Personal development begins with just one click.


Mit in-waerts haben wir für junge Menschen in Entscheidungssituationen bei ihrer Lebensplanung, in Phasen der Veränderung oder Überforderung ein spezielles Angebot entwickelt.

Du bist neugierig? Dann informiere dich jetzt!

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