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connect & develop transfers knowledge in its academy accessible to anyone who is  interested, whether they are connected to our business or not. We offer open seminars and trainings covering topics such as “Positive Psychology” and “Resilience”.



Switch on the Light (Finally)!

When will we finally uncover  our talents? When can we truly enjoy life and form deep relationships? When are we ready to contribute to society? Not until we stand firmly in life with both feet on the ground and feel at ease with ourselves and what we stand for. Professor Martin Seligman claims: “Positive psychology will allow individuals to flourish.” Which is why connect & develop has adopted the dynamic concept of Positive Psychology.

Our experienced business and personality coaches not only help in overcoming obstacles, but also in taking the right steps toward unfolding  potential through a growth-oriented process. Always based on the five pillars of well-being: positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, join us to see the light!


Robust Stability is a Matter of Training!

Resilience is the word of our times. When the world feels like it is spinning at a continuously faster rate, and demands and dangers become more complex, we long for stability and strength. Resilience describes the ability of individuals to overcome crises, master difficult life circumstances and emerge stronger as a result. Resilient people build new competences through crises.

connect & develop offers a proven resilience package that focuses on strengthening self-confidence based on a positive and purposeful self-image. In essence, this involves faith in one’s own competencies, recognising what room there is to manoeuvre and experience self-efficacy. Along the way, there is joy in experiencing one’s own growth. And yes, it is actually as fascinating as it sounds.

You can stop the hamster wheel. Get into the drivers seat of your own life!

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Become Solid as a Rock. Now!

Become Solid as a Rock. Now!

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